Musings of a lover #4 (Fear)

Musings of a Lover ™ Fear. Something happened at home, and my first action would have been to worry, but unlike me, instead of pursuing facts and ‘accusing' God, I started speaking God’s word and speaking and speaking. Then when I was calm I prayed and then God gave victory. If this had happened earlier,… Continue reading Musings of a lover #4 (Fear)


On Marriage #2

I saw something really interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s especially for the guys. It's on marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing if you understand it. As for me, I am personally sold out to love. Ephesians 5: “25Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and… Continue reading On Marriage #2

Life and Love (The Light)

So I'll be doing a series on 'Life and Love'. Subsequently this blog will revolve around this subject matter. I want us to know (and I want to learn too) how God intended it from beginning; our lives in general and our love lives (relationships) in particular. We are going to be taking our point… Continue reading Life and Love (The Light)

It’s not just about me.

Hello! Hope you had a really fabulous weekend. Our discussion today is going to be about our salvation and what God requires of us afterwards. God is not just concerned about your salvation only. He wants your household too. The Lord speaks clearly of this throughout scriptures. Let’s take a look at Jesus. His mother… Continue reading It’s not just about me.