Hey it's been a while. I missed you all, yes you and you and especially you. I recently moved the blog to llwdevotional.blogspot.com. That's why you may not have been seeing me on here. So why don't you hop on the train once again. I promise its going to be an exciting and fulfilling ride.… Continue reading llwdevotional.blogspot.com


Topical Issue: Sex

I think the teaching on sex has become more of a moral code than a biblical one. What do I mean?  When most parents say it's good for you to keep yourself till marriage they are no longer emphasizing it  because it is what God wants but so your husband will be happy and know… Continue reading Topical Issue: Sex

Spending Time With God

Have you ever had a problem you could not solve, no matter how hard you tried? It could be an invitation from God to come fellowship with Him. You will never know your limitations until you are encountered by difficulties which even you cannot solve. Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, and let us reason together, saith… Continue reading Spending Time With God


I have always had a strong belief that positioning is important in life. Where you are and what you do at every particular moment is important. God's work is in time and seasons and also in geographical locations. When God sent Gabriel, the bible records in Luke 1:26; 'And in the sixth month the angel… Continue reading PLACEMENT