On marriage


“We are getting married! “. Every one gets really excited about this. Is that really all there is to it? The fan fare and excitement. We know marriage is one of the first institutions established by God. So what did God see when He said “I will make him, a help meet for him”

Chinelo Synclaire Enyinnaya a close friend of mine wrote this piece down for you. Be blessed and enlightened.

– From God’s first and major union, his masterpiece as regards man – woman relationships we see three divine principles to guide us in ours, from the book of Genesis 2. The first is in verse 18

1)  Gen 2: 18;  “… I will make him a help meet for him.”

UTILITARIAN VALUE, USEFULNESS, FUNCTIONALITY – Eve’s creation arose out of Adam’s need. God saw a need in Adam. If we recall vs 18, God said; ‘it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a help (suitable for him). Then in vs 19, God went on to form very beast and animal and BROUGHT TO ADAM TO SEE WHAT HE WILL NAME THEM. it seems to me by the inference drawn from this verse that God brought even animals to see, perhaps, if Adam would be satisfied with any as a companion. But in vs 20, we see that …’but for Adam, there was no help meet found’.

Again, this brought about another creation operation in vs 21, where God made a woman. A woman’s position in a man’s life must add value, fulfil a need, compliment a strength, and satisfy his peculiar function. As girls we fulfil a divine will where we are USEFUL and suit the calling, purpose, or need of our male partner.

A woman cannot be for cosmetic purpose. It is not enough to be with someone merely because she make you feel good as a guy, or you find pleasure in her or are deeply attracted to her. “Is she suitable for my need?”. And for us girls, ‘does my presence on his life supply answers, value?’.

2)  Gen 2: 23; “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh”

There is a knowing that must accompany a divine union. Recall that man here was not yet the fallen man. Adam’s spirit was still in sync, and right with God. Recall that Adam did not know about God’s plan. He woke up to find a woman, and yet his spirit (which was still ruled by and sensitive to God) leapt in positive response. If all that responds to a person is our flesh and our soul, we must confer with our spirit, especially where it is subject to the direction of God.

How did Adam know this one was made for him. Does our spirit man leap to someone? What is out trained spirit speaking about a relationship?

3)  Gen 2:25; And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

Simply put, Divine Will expels doubt, fear and shame. The issue of shame is paramount here. If something about our alliance, or the activities of our alliances birth shame in us, or the very fact of our alliance does, then that is a reason to check again.

Further, a second issue is drawn here ; Adam and Eve here, had no knowledge of good and evil, sin or righteousness. They were naked, yet had no shame. They were innocent, trusting, unaware. Recall that, upon their sinning, they had to cover themselves – from even one another!

Purity and righteousness in every relationship will keep shame away. But from the moment we tamper with our chastity, negative emotions are bound to rule. From the time we break the rules of a godly walk with God, especially between ourselves, we open the door to a lot of negative emotions.

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