Musings of a Lover #2


From a young age , kids usually know what they want to be when they grow older. Well, I did too then. However two years to graduation from university (college) I didn’t know my path in life.

I know most people have that dilemma (what’s the biggie right), but everyone just assumed I knew where I was going to. Well I had no particular plan for my life. I knew I would graduate, work, get married, die. But really is that all there is to life?

A lot of people are in this dilemma. They just let life happen to them. Even before I began this journey I knew my life was more than just going to school, getting married, giving birth, taking care of my children, then dying.

Yeah I know that’s the basic ingredient of life (for some), but to me that was like raw rice. I needed some ingredients to make it colourful jollof.

Fast forward to present. I’m sitting here reading ‘Isaiah 41: 10-16′. I heard a message once by Gbile Akanni on that passage; “Fear not I Will Make You”, and it stuck for life. That message is something else. It really got me thinking.

There’s so much God has in store for you, if you’ll only wait and be patient with Him. You know there’s a difference between waiting and patience. Read post here

It’s like getting a new product that has never been in the market. If you don’t have the manual or know someone who has it you’ll never utilize it to its fullest potential.

I know I don’t have the manual for my life so I had to meet the one that had. So that I won’t underachieve purpose. Someone once said, the earth (soil) is the richest place on earth because therein lies the greatest number of potentials unfulfilled.

Why will I want to be plain white rice when God can make colourful jollof.

Sometimes God uses the things around you to push you to your destiny. You’ll understand better in time. Just don’t forget Him on your journey

#GetYourManual #FindYourPurpose #Getitfromtheonlyonewhohastit

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